Welcome to SAARC Nations - International Human Rights Association IHRA

SAARC Nations - International Human Rights Association IHRA is a Non-Governmental, Non-Political, Non Religious and Non Partisan organization formed by (prominent group of jurists and human rights activists) human rights activist Mr. G. Prashant to draw attention to human rights' abuses and to campaign for the basic and fundamental freedoms which call upon governments to respect and uphold the rights of all peoples within their jurisdictions. We work towards to instill human rights norms and values as inalienable rights to combat discrimination and promote equality as a fundamental human right and a basic principle of social justice. Established as an advocacy organization, resource centre and a think tank, it focuses on the complex and complementary relationship between different types of discrimination, developing strategies for translating the principles of equality into practice

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What are Human Rights?

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

Universal human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law, in the forms of treaties, customary international law , general principles and other sources of international law. International human rights law lays down obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.


SAARC Nations - International Human Rights Association IHRA dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing at the grassroots level where human rights are violated, we give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Our rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. We provide timely and accurate information; conducts investigations, research and campaigns and lobbies about country situations or individual cases. It aims to increase the impact of human rights activists and civil society groups, provide input into international standard-setting processes on human rights, provide political, legal and practical advice. It secures cultural, social, and economic rights through rights-based approaches to International development to lay the legal and moral groundwork for deep-rooted change to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.